gay and transgender people - "Keep on moving", 12. Mai in Brüssel

BLGP 2007 : Edito: "The past few years, great progress has been made when it comes to equal rights for gay and transgender people. The antidiscrimination law was approved in 2002 and from 2003 gay couples are able to marry. Since june 2006 gays can even adopt children.
That's the reason why the Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride (BLGP) will be communicating a very positive message as a big shout out and thank you to all the politicians who made these changes in law possible.

With the elections right in front of us, it is always a good idea to point out some ideas about parentship policy and antidiscrimination laws. with this year's gay pride, we also want to ask our national politicians to step up and demand equal rights for gay people in the whole of Europe. Belgium should not allow the fact that gay and transgender people are still discriminated in some EU countries.

By claiming ‘Keep on moving!’ as this years tagline for the BLGP, the gay movement wants to express its determination to literally keep on going defending gay rights and fighting discrimination towards gay people, in Belgium as well as abroad."

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