Venus Flytrap - die erfolgreichste Transgender Pop Music Band in Thailand "Venus Flytrap debut album Visa For Love in stores NOW! Ta-Dah! This is Thai's first transgender pop music groub 'Venus Flytrap' is set to release their first album 'Visa For Love' from SonyBmg (Thailand) and All members has underwent a sex change operation members Nok Sasha Posh Venus she won a Thailand beauty pageant awards in 2005, Taya Cool Venus was Ripley..s Most Beautiful Wo-man for 2005, Bobo Hot Venus, Gina Naughty Venus and Amy Sweet Venus. the girls debut album instore now and release their 1st single 'Visa For Love' and hits song 'Por Chan Pen Phu Ying Khong Ter (Cause I'm Your Lady)'. They're more than beautiful ladyboy, the new power of transgender sex appeal in the formerly conservative entertainment industry!"

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